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Welcome to the 157th annual Wallacetown Fair, a fun filled traditional event taking place in the village of Wallacetown, Ontario. This is a small community in southwestern Ontario, on Lake Erie’s northern shore in the heart of the Talbot Settlement.  



The theme this year is ” Country Roots and Rubber Boots.” This year we have some exciting new things happening. 



On Friday Evening we have Marshall Dane at our dance along with the Ambassador Competition. We have a NEW MIDWAY! Campbell Shows will entertain and thrill the kids with their games and rides!  Watch for new promotions and give aways.  Presale of Ride all Day passes will be on sale in the fall.  Everyday will have a one pay bracelet!!!! 



On Saturday evening – NEW – MUD BOG with the Celtic Rock Band THE MUDMEN!  Rain or shine – this event will go.  The Wallacetown’s Got Talent Show is also Saturday evening.  Be sure to register early. 



On Sunday, the ever popular Demolition Derby will be back! We will again be partnering with West Elgin Mutual to bring you the Sons of Song.  Every age will toe tap to this group.



We hope you join us for this year’s edition of the Wallacetown Fair.  If you would like to join our team, we would love to have you.  There is always a need for help and new fresh ideas.  We are an agricultural based fair and proud of our roots.  Help us keep our tradition alive and join up.  We are a fun group of volunteers who want to help families in the community come together and celebrate our small town spirit.


See you at the Fair!

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